Installing Hand Sanitisers

The world has witnessed several health hazards in the past. Leprosy, malaria, dengue and rat-plague have cursed several people in the history. Despite this scary history of several epidemics, the current COVID-19 has created a situation that is far more grave than the rest of the diseases. It is something that is not confined to a particular country or city. There are cases reported everywhere in the world. Millions are suffering and thousands have lost their lives with this pulmonary infection. The causes are still hot very clear and so a proper treatment is not devised either. The easiest way to stay away from this curse is to keep at distance even from those you love. The other ways of staying secure include avoiding greeting and physically coming in contact especially with the ones already infected. Besides avoiding social interaction personal hygiene means a great deal as well. The most recommended in this regard is washing the hands frequently with a good soap. It is also recommended to carry the best hand sanitisers when you are away.

This emphasis on using the sanitisers frequently has boosted the business of the hand sanitiser dispenser which is installed in all those places that expects more human movement. The hand sanitisers come in small pocket size bottles fir individual usage. For public places these sanitisers are provided through large dispensers. The hand sanitisers are mostly recommended for the following places.

1. Restrooms.

Restrooms are a must have place in the offices especially when the people have to work in shifts and cannot get back to homes after every shift. It is observed that while getting off from the work or attending to the daily chores people feel reluctant to wash their hand. Providing hand sanitisers close to the entry exit doors will help them stay germ free even if they have not rinsed their hands properly. They not need someone to remind them. The sanitisers are fixed at such places that they would catch the sight and would immediately wash their hands.

2. Close to the doors and gates

A door with one knob, a finger scanner or a lock is prone to catching the germs. It is because a single entity is being used by several people and no one knows who has the germs. Same goes for the switches and the other touch surfaces like the stair case railing. Having a hand sanitiser at the entry and exit points means that are you are joining the team safely and then leaving the place without any infectious body on your body.

3. Food areas

Whether you are eating in a restaurant with your family or you are sharing a dining room with the team mates there is ample chance of catching the infection. You might come across the objects that are bombarded with the germs of several kinds. If the hands are not properly sanitized before consuming food you might engulf in several germs to feed in your gut and make you ill. Although it is recommended to wash hands but if it is not possible the sanitiser can give at least some protection.

4. Conference and meeting rooms

Although many offices are facilitating the staff by giving them some ease through online task completion, but those still operating need complete protection of their employees. Meeting rooms and conference rooms need the sanitisers as many people pour in the rooms for the regular meet ups.