How To Take Care Of Your Shoes?

No matter how much expensive shoes you buy but if you are not able to take care and maintain these then these will look old and bad in no time. Shoes are not hard to take care of in this age and thanks to the many shoe care products in the market but in order to select the right shoe care product and use it well you need to understand what are these and which kind do you need for your particular shoe.

Tips for shoe care:

If you go the market or search the internet you will find a list of the shoe cleaning products to go with your shoes but there are some tips that your market vendor will not tell you and clearly only using the shoe care products will not do the trick for you.

First of all, do not wash the shoes especially not in washing machine, this is something most people do, because it is easy to throw the shoes in the washing machine and five minutes later these are clean without any hassle. But this cycle reduced the lifespan of the shoes, ruin their shape and damages the stuff. This means that your shoes will only be clean but lose their quality every time. Secondly, you should not put these in the plastic. Whenever you use the shoes and get back home, leave these in open air to dry out and let these breathe. Another good tip to keep the shoes in good shape is to not overwear them, have a couple of shoe pair and wear them interchangeably. More common tips are not to wear the shoes with damp feet and clean off the mud or other stains with the use of the wipe. Do not dry your shoes with the heater or the dryer because it will destroy the shape but let it dry out in the air naturally.

Shoe care products:

The most common shoe care product that everyone uses is the polish and the brush, every time you take the shoe out of the cupboard, its time to clean these and polish it to introduce the shine on these. There are number of colours or shoe polishes that you can buy but make sure you buy the good quality one because a poor quality could actually damage the shoe. then there are other number of shoe care products such as the conditioners, lotions, shining brushes and many more. Buy the one which are your requirements and buy them right by reading and researching about the quality of the products and the vendors.